Auto Brake Repair

Auto Brake Repair and Service for NH and Maine

For almost half a century, Stratham Tire has been the resource to turn to for customers looking for unbeatable service and competitive pricing when it comes to auto brake repair in New Hampshire and Maine. With 18 locations across New England, Stratham Tire is poised to be the perfect solution for your needs, whether you need brake service for a passenger car, light truck, RV, or heavy equipment.

With ASE certified technicians at every location, brake service from Stratham Tire combines professionalism, courteous service, and advanced knowledge when it comes to virtually every braking system imaginable. From passenger cars to heavy equipment, if it has brakes, we can service it - leaving you with the safe and smooth driving you're looking for while ensuring that you won't be back for a long time, because brake repair from Stratham Tire does it right the first time.

At every Stratham Tire location throughout New Hampshire and Maine, our experts understand your braking system inside-out. They understand what you need to get a better and safer ride, and they know precisely how to save you money without ever sacrificing quality or performance.

Whether you're a customer in New Hampshire or Maine - we have the brake repair solution you need. Our Experts Regularly Inspect and Service:

Disc Brakes

  • Disc brake rotors and pads
  • Calipers and hardware

Drum Brakes

  • Brake drums and shoes
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Return springs

Parking Brake

  • Cables

Hydraulic System

  • Master cylinder
  • Brake fluid and hoses
  • Power booster

Auto Brake Repair, Replacement and Service

You rely on your brakes day in and day out to deliver the unflinching performance that keeps you, your family, and everything in your vehicle safe. You need your vehicle to stop firmly and reliably, and you need it to happen precisely when and where you apply the brake. Professional brake repair service in New Hampshire and Maine from Stratham Tire makes it happen.

At some point in the life of your vehicle, you will need brake service. When your brakes begin to pose problems, don't hesitate. Bring your vehicle to the closest Stratham Tire location to see how 50 years of experience, state of the art facilities, and fully certified technicians combine to give you quality and value you can rely on.

Brake Service across New England. Please visit our locations page to setup an appointment today!

Auto Brake Service New Hampshire and Maine

When it comes to your brakes, the technology that makes your car actually stop is the result of over 100 years of technological innovation that has transformed crude stopping mechanisms into the modern brakes that you can rely on to stop you at virtually any speed. While brake systems vary widely by make and model, the most basic braking system is comprised of disc brakes in the front of the vehicle and either drum or disk brakes in the rear. All of these are connected with a series of tubes and hoses, which attach your brakes to each wheel and the master cylinder and supply them with hydraulic fluid.

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We Keep you Safe for Less with Competitively Priced Brake Repair in New Hampshire and Maine

We've spent years tweaking, adjusting, and perfecting our processes to provide customers across New Hampshire and Maine with brake repair services that are second to none. To do this, we equip our ASE certified technicians with the best equipment and give them thorough training so that you never have to second guess the quality or professionalism of your brake repair. We do all of this with one goal in mind: to provide the brake service you never have to question, because you rely on your brakes every day. If you find brake repair for less at another local brake center, we will gladly match the price while probably giving you more value for your money regardless.

To learn more about brake repair from Stratham Tire, contact your local Stratham Tire location in New Hampshire or Maine.