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Signs You Need a Transmission Flush: if your vehicle exhibits any of the below symptoms, stop into your nearest Stratham Tire as soon as you can. Many transmission problems can be solved quickly and inexpensively if diagnosed early.

Is Your Car Grinding or Having Trouble Shifting?
You May Need a Transmission Flush.

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Grinding or strange noises: A contaminated transmission (whether the contaminant is dirt, grease, or sludge) can cause quite a few symptoms. If you notice that your transmission is making a strange noise, you should get the fluid level checked as soon as possible. If the fluid level is fine, it is likely that you need a transmission flush.

Problems shifting gears: your car requires clean transmission fluid that can flow through your car’s transmission with ease. Too much contamination prevents this, causing sluggish response from your transmission, which can lead to your vehicle changing gears either too late or too quickly. If you have a manual transmission vehicle, this may make it hard to change gears at all.

Slipping gears: If you have a dirty transmission, it could impair hydraulic power. To stay in the appropriate gear, your transmission generates a certain level of pressure. However, if fluid is too dirty this is harder to accomplish. If this seems to be the case with your car, a transmission flush may be in order.

Vehicle jerking or surging: If your transmission is filled with contaminants, it interferes with the smooth flow of fluid throughout the system. Because of this, your vehicle may surge forward or hang back for no reason. This could be because of the inconsistent flow of transmission fluid needed for smooth operation by many of the moving parts in your car.

Vehicle stalling before moving: An additional sign that your transmission needs flushing occurs when there is a slight delay before movement when your vehicle is put into gear.

Many times, when customers require transmission services, they require a transmission flush.

A flush is performed by using pressure to force transmission fluid through the system. This is typically enough to force any contaminants out of the fluid. Flushing out the transmission of a car ultimately helps preserve the longevity of an engine while cleaning out any buildup that may be occurring within it.

When build up occurs in the transmission, the engine must work harder to push through it. By flushing the transmission, your engine isn’t forced to work as hard—which helps it perform more effectively and efficiently.

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