Off Road Tires

Off Road Truck Tires and Rims

Free Yourself from the Pavement with Off Road Tires from Stratham Tire. With some of the best hiking, trail riding, and off-pavement attractions in the country, New Hampshire and Maine are a great place to live for those who are passionate about getting out and getting dirty. If you’re serious about taking your vehicle off road, we have the M and S rated tires you’re looking for from top manufacturers like Toyo and BFG.

Consider, for example the Toyo Open Country M/T. This tire is one of our most popular off road and mud tires known to deliver unflinching performance and durability no matter how rough the terrain. Designed with aggressive tread design focused on excellent traction no matter where you are, the Toyo Open Country M/T is one example of a serious Off-Road Tire we frequently recommend to our customers.

Then there’s the BFGoodrich® Krawler T/A. Designed with an extremely aggressive deep lug tread pattern combined with advanced tread compound, rim protector, and a seriously tough sidewall and you have an Off-Road Tire that you can depend on to pull your vehicle out of practically any mess you get it into.

Other features available in Off-Road Tires include:

  • Advanced self cleaning tread designed to more effectively handle tough terrain
  • Aggressive treading for solid handling on the most irregular terrain
  • More sipes than the average tire for improved water and snow traction
  • Off-Road Tires with computer optimized tread design
  • Open shoulder design for maximum water evacuation and traction
  • Rim protectors
  • Tires manufactured with steel-belted construction for improved durability
  • Treads designed for a larger footprint, and interlocking tread elements for outstanding traction everywhere
  • And more...

Off-Road Tires with the Performance and Price You’ve Been Looking For

When it comes to Off-Road Tires and rims, you put a lot of faith in the capabilities of your tires. So why not back that faith up with expert knowledge and helpful service from the best tire experts around? With service and sales from Stratham Tire, we’ll make sure that when you buy Off-Road Tires, you’re vehicle is set up for peak performance no matter where you take it.

Do you have questions about Off-Road Tires? We’ve got answers. Call us today to speak with one of our ASE certified tire experts for advice on the best tires for you, your budget, and your vehicle. Or, visit one of our many locations in NH and ME.