OTR Services in Maine and New Hampshire

  • Liquid Ballast

    When tires are under lower operating pressures, liquid ballast immensely increases tire stiffness. Because of this, we do not recommend for operating speeds higher than 30 km/h due to increased difficulties in vehicle handling.

  • Computer Cut Retread

    We provide the finest OTR computer cut tread services. We offer mold cure, pre-cure and sculptured computer cut tread retreading from the top retreaders in the industry.

  • Mold Retreads

    We offer many sizes and tread designs using our mold retreading service. With a variety of molds available to match tires all the way up to 63 inches, we are positive we have what you need.

  • Section Repairs

    Repair of large tires is one of the most efficient ways to save money in todays auto market. The high costs of large OTR tires make section repairing one of our most cost efficient operations. We know that the market for new OTR tires is expensive.

  • Lug Repairs

    Tire shops are well known for sometimes stripping lug nuts or studs because they were hammered on with an impact gun. Unfortunately for their customers, they sometimes don’t find this out until they’re on the side of the highway changing a flat tire wondering why the lug nuts are extremely hard to loosen.

  • Spot Repairs

    We provide high quality repairs with today’s up to day spot repair technology. Our trained and certified technicians will perform spot repairs and section repairs on tires from 24” rim seat and larger (Regular OTR standards), enabling you to maximize the return on your vehicles tire assets.

  • Reinforcements

    A tread reinforcement of an OTR or off the road tire for heavy carrier vehicles comprises at least three plies, two of which each have a strength substantially less than the third, one of these two plies having its edges folded at least around the edges of the third. We are extremely efficient in the installation of OTR reinforcements and are positive they will provide your OTR vehicles with longer life.