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When we say we have the variety and selection of tires that will fit every driver’s needs, we mean it! For the driver that wants a Performance Rated Tire that will hug the road, provide a nice smooth ride at any speed, and look good while doing it, our inventory of high Performance Tires fit the bill.

At Stratham Tire, we strive to offer an extremely diverse selection of tires that suits the various needs of our many customers. While we choose our inventory with care and stand behind every tire we sell, sometimes a customer requires just a little bit more from their tires. For these customers, we carry H and V rated specialty performance tires from manufacturers like Hankook and Michelin®.

But What Makes a Performance Tire Better?

Tires can be confusing, but here at Stratham Tire part of our goal is to not only sell you the best tires for your car, but to keep you informed about all the options available to you. With that said, what makes Performance Tires better than the average tire?

Better Tire materials: Performance Tires are rated to run at a higher temperature than standard tires, and because of that they are made of high quality materials that can better handle the extra heat generated by high speed driving and handling without added wear and without breaking down.

Performance Tire ratings and speed:Performance Tires handle prolonged stress, heat, and punishment better than the average tire because they are specially engineered to do so. Sometimes, this also means you may need performance brakes installed. However, no matter what tires you choose – our experts can advise and steer you in the right direction to guarantee you make the absolute most of your tires and your vehicle.

A Performance Tire for Every Passion

At Stratham Tire, we make a point to provide a number of Performance Tires to suit the various needs of our customers. Some features offered by Performance Tires include:

  • Performance Tires for sport handling
  • Performance Tires tuned for sports compacts for outstanding wet/dry street performance
  • Tires with acoustically tuned treads for reduced road noise
  • Performance Tires for luxury vehicles Optimized tires for high performance in all weather types
  • Original equipment for vehicles from BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and more
  • Performance off road and rally tires
  • Circuit tires for use on various road conditions
  • Low profile tires
  • Tires with advanced tread technologies for superior control and responsiveness in extreme driving conditions
  • And more…

We’re positive we have a Performance Tire that suits your purposes and the tire experts to answer any question you might have. For more information, contact us today or stop by one of our many locations across New Hampshire and Maine.