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Tire Service Centers in NH and Maine

For half a century, Stratham Tire has been a leader in New England when it comes to providing tire service and sales that simply can't be beat. They say if there's one thing you shouldn't skimp on when it comes to wardrobe, it's your shoes. The same can be said about your car. Like your shoes, your tires are the first contact your vehicle has with the road, and their quality can affect its overall performance in a variety of ways.

Your tires will affect your ride quality: As your tire rub against the pavement hundreds of thousands of times, they naturally begin to wear down. Additionally, turning, bumping into curbs, sudden stops, rough roads, and everything in between all have an inevitable affect on your tire. As your tire wears down, they may make your ride bumpier, they may cushion shock less effectively, and in some cases - they may make your vehicle more prone to an accident.

Your tires will affect the way your vehicle deals with varying weather conditions: All season tires work fine for typical driving conditions in New Hampshire and Maine. But once your all season tires have worn, their channels will begin to divert snow, ice, and rain less effectively. If it's winter, chances are it may be time for some good winter tires from Stratham Tire. Or if you're finding that your all season tires are hydroplaning in the rain or sliding more on dirt roads - it's time for new tires, and our experts will be happy to help.

Your tires will affect your gas mileage: Gas mileage is a concern for drivers everywhere, and whether you're driving up and down 93 every day or simply around town - fuel efficiency is crucial for getting the most out of every tank. Part of getting better gas mileage starts with your tires, and the experts at Stratham Tire can help.

NH Tire Rotation, Tire Service, and Tire Sales

Whether you need tire service for a car or a truck, Stratham Tire does it all. With a seriously large inventory of tires and courteous team members who know all about them, we can assure you that you're getting the best tire for your money that will deliver long term performance, maximum safety, and a smooth ride.

Or maybe you have a damaged tire that is salvageable. If the damage isn't too extensive, we can help you get more out of your tire without having to replace it entirely. From flat repair to truck tire repair and retreading, we have the in depth knowledge needed to do it right the first time and help you get the most out of your tires.

Tire Services at Stratham Tire Include:

Tire Sales: Featuring brands such as Goodyear, Michelin®, Hancock, Kelly, Toto, BFG, and Uniroyal®

Tire Mounting and Balancing: Proper tire mounting and balancing ensure you get maximum mileage from your tires (and your gas).

Tire Rotation: Because your tires wear differently depending on whether your vehicle is front or rear wheel drive, tire rotation is essential to ensure your tires wear evenly and last longer.

Your Tire Specialist for Every Season

In addition to tire service and sales, Stratham Tire is also fully equipped to keep your car fitted with the best tires for the season. With that in mind, we provide fast and convenient winter and spring tire changeover, mounting the best tires for the season on your car, storing the previous season's tires in your truck, and getting you on your way in no time. Commercial Truck Tire Service

Truck tires that bear heavier loads and operate almost constantly often require a little more care. In addition to mounting and balancing for commercial truck tires, Stratham Tire also provides:

  • 24 hour roadside assistance for trucks
  • New and used tire sales
  • Commercial fleet check and analysis
  • Tire retreading
  • Discounts for commercial accounts

Whether you need new tires or tire service, our goal is to be the perfect solution, and we refuse to be undersold. Contact us today, or visit one of our many locations in NH and ME.