Winter Tires

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Winter Tires for New Hampshire and Maine

We've served New Hampshire and Maine with Winter Tires and more for over 50 years. With that experience, we're confident that our experts are qualified to help you find winter tires that will keep you safe and in control, without emptying your wallet.

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We make finding the best winter tires for your needs easier than ever. Not only will we beat the price of any local tire store, we’ll also provide a 20% discount for your snow tire changeover.

Winter in New Hampshire and Maine can be a great time of year. At Stratham Tire, we make driving easy with winter tires that will handle every condition you’ll encounter.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Winter Tires

“Is it okay to just put two snow tires in the front and two all season tires in the back?”

This is a question we hear every fall, and we understand the motivation to save money, but the answer is always “No”. It is never a good idea to mix and match your tires. And we promise, we aren’t just saying that to sell more tires!

While it might have been a common practice years ago, advances in snow tire design rely on matching tires, and numerous tests have demonstrated that a car with mixed tires will perform worse than a car with 4 matching tires. To put it simply, having each axle grip the road differently can be very bad. If the snow tires are on the front axle of the car, the front tires will grip the road better so your car is far more likely to fishtail when braking or cornering. If they’re on the rear axle, the amount of steering grip available will be severely limited. In this situation, your car might not respond when you turn the wheel since the snow tires that should bite into the snow are missing on the front turning axle.

Bottom line: While only putting winter tires on one axle will save you money in the tire store, it could cost you far more in the long term. You’re buying winter tires to stay safe in New England’s highly unpredictable winter weather, why make your driving experience even more unpredictable?

“What’s the Difference between All Season and Winter Tires?”

This is a question we get a lot. If you’re trying to find the best winter tires for New Hampshire and Maine, it’s an important one. All season tires and winter tires are both very distinct, and the type of tire you need largely depends on the kind of driving you do every day. In general, most drivers tend to feel a greater sense of safety and confidence driving with winter tires in harsh conditions.

All Season Tires

  • All Season Tires are less pliable and won’t conform to the road as well during cold weather driving.
  • All season tires are designed to provide grip in highly variable conditions, ranging from rain to snow.
  • While all season tires offer traction in a number of different conditions, they are not designed specifically for snow or ice.

Winter Tires

  • Winter tires are specifically designed for driving on snow and ice.
  • Winter tires provide enhanced braking in snow and ice.
  • Winter tires feature advanced tread designs, engineered for gripping snow and ice, while also more effectively dispersing slush.
  • Winter tires use special rubber, formulated to stay flexible at low temperatures
  • Aggressive tread on snow tires reduces the snow buildup.

“Are studded tires right for me?”

When it comes to buying studded or studdable tires, it’s important to think about how often you drive in packed snow or on ice.
Do you have a steep driveway that tends to get icy?
Do you live or work in a rural area that isn't plowed frequently?
Or do you typically travel on main roads and highways?
Maybe you just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tires can handle just about any condition.

Whether you would benefit from studded tires, or you would prefer an aggressive snow tire designed to mimic the way a stud bites into hard packed snow and ice – our tire experts can help you find the right tire for your lifestyle, your vehicle, and your daily drive.

Contact us today or stop by one of our many locations to get ready for the coming winter season with a set of Winter Tires that will keep you and your family safely on the road.